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Marsha's Books

If you'd like autographed copies, please use the Contact link and email Marsha for the details.
Otherwise, you'll find her books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ZonderKidz (where applicable), and other online book retailer sites.

book cover: rickie rides to the rescue
A "Pennsylvania Woods Super Sleuthhounds" Juvenile Fiction Mystery

Can you solve the mystery?

When Woody, Moo, and Taz—sixth grade girls from Faith Christian School, and the only members of the exclusive Pennsylvania Woods Super Sleuthhound Club—go to Garrett's Gumshoe Getaway (a Christian junior detective training camp in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania), they get more than they bargained for.

Although Garrett Mitchell, retired state policeman and director of the camp, says that he has "planned" a mystery for the girls and nine other campers to solve, strange things start to happen that are not part of the plan.

  • Are there "real" Civil War gold coins hidden somewhere at Wolf Canyon?
  • Who stole Garrett's horse?
  • Who put the burrs under Woody's saddle that made her horse buck?
  • Who fired shots in the air to scare the sleuthers off the case?

Join Woody and her friends as they set out to solve a mystery that has solved even the best detectives in the state.

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cover: louellen finds true love


...formerly Love Song for Louellen

Twenty-five-year-old Louellen Friesen falls for handsome Dr. David McAndrew, an “English” widower with two teen girls, for whom she cleans every Saturday. There’s only one problem. Louellen’s already married.

Past the marrying age, Louellen had wed Amish Eli Friesen three years prior, due to pressure from her family. Eli, also in danger of being “passed over,” had married Louellen for one reason: to have sons. Louellen struggles to love a man who returns little love to her. She sets out to be the best wife and mother she can be…when God blesses the marriage with kinner.  But Louellen is barren and devastated.  Eli also feels trapped in a marriage that has produced no offspring even though he knows he has the medical problem. Their frustrations draw them farther apart, and their wedded life is nothing but a disappointment.

What should Louellen do? Turn her back on the only life she’s ever known? Should she leave and marry Dr. McAndrew, a man who has promised her the moon? Will she find the truth about eternal life and real love?

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cover: to john with love


...formerly Bachelor's Choice

Fast forward twenty-three years in Louellen and Eli Friesen’s family. Their firstborn, John, is a bachelor having the time of his life. One of the most handsome, eligible young men in the Mennonite community, John’s never been in a hurry to choose a wife. He enjoys the simple life of farming and breeding registered Tennessee Walking horses.

Every unmarried gal in the Mennonite community has her eyes on John. He’s the talk of the quilting circles and Sunday fellowships. Three girls secretly determine to win John’s heart. Horse lover Nanette Peachey, spitfire business woman Mandie Kauffman, and soft-spoken homemaker Katrina Shoffler all care deeply for John and initiate their own plans to have him as their husband.

However, John’s lackadaisical attitude frustrates not only the girls but his family as well. Will carefree John ever choose a wife or will the three gals get tired of waiting and marry other pursuers?

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cover: valerie's lost love


...formerly Teacher's Pet

Valerie Friesen, Louellen and Eli’s beautiful daughter, a teacher at the Mennonite school, is engaged to Jeremy Zook, her boyfriend since childhood. Valerie’s parents are concerned the couple has only a platonic relationship that won’t stand the test of time. To complicate matters, Lamar Hornberger, a handsome widower with a mysterious past, comes to town and sweeps Valerie off her feet. For the first time in her life, Valerie feels the “pangs of true love” and wrestles with her decision to marry Jeremy. Nonetheless, she goes through with the wedding.

Shortly after, Jeremy is killed in a farm accident, and pregnant Valerie is left with a farm she can’t manage. Tobias Schmidt, a handsome Mennonite man, offers to marry her and take care of her and her child.

But what about Lamar, whose secretive past comes to a focal point when the elders of the church confront him? Lamar still has deep feelings for Valerie and she likewise, but can she marry a man whom her church and community will not embrace?

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cover: snow, phantom stallion of the poconos


Bullying? Dallis Parker knows all too well what that means.

Dallis doesn’t make friends easily.  She walks with a squeaky leg brace and struggles with rejection, particularly from Jane Dowling and Courtney Fulmer, students and fellow members of the 4-H club. But a Christian African-American girl, Sheila Elliot, befriends Dallis and invites her to go on a camping trip with a church youth group to the Pocono Mountains.

Dallis is less than enthused until she hears that Matthew Spencer, a handsome eighth grader is going too. And after learning about wild Mustangs in the Poconos led by a legendary white stallion named Snow, Dallis must try to see the mystery horse for herself.

In a strange encounter, she does meet Snow face to face for a few fleeting moments, and her life is changed forever.

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(New titles & new covers with the same Skye stories inside
but lots of new pages in the back about horses and horse care!)

book cover: a horse to love

After much persuasion, the juvenile court allows Eileen Chambers and her husband to take Skye into their home as a foster child. The angry wall Skye has built around herself slowly disintegrates as she discovers the joy of horses and finds acceptance, as well as discipline, in a Christian home. Her transformation is not easy, and there is a lot of conflict, but eventually Skye comes to understand God's unconditional love and forgiveness, finally turning to Him in prayer.

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book cover: on the victory trail

Even though she receives unconditional love from the Chambers, Skye's stubbornness keeps her from becoming a Christian. Finally, she can’t deny him any longer and accepts Christ. She's excited when Sooze, a friend from her old life, comes to live at the Chambers' house. But, when Sooze is diagnosed with brain cancer, both girls must confront the reality of death. Skye's faith is tested and deepened as she forgets about her own problems and cares for her friend.

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book cover: southern belle's special gift


Skye and Morgan have their hands full trying to share God's love with Tanya Bell, an African-American girl and a runaway who becomes a foster child at Keystone Stables. Tanya is a veteran shoplifter. But when one of the mares dies giving birth to a foal, Tanya is transformed as she takes responsibility for the foal.

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book cover: summer camp adventure


Skye and her friend Chad work as teen counselors at Camp Tioga, a special needs summer camp in the mountains of Pennsylvania. One of the young campers who is deaf, Jonathan Martin, causes havoc no matter where he is or what he's doing at the camp. Skye, who has taken a crash course in American Sign Language, tries her best to communicate with him. But when Jonathan and his horse Buddy disappear into the hills, Skye and Chad must lead the rescue to find them.

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book cover: leading the way


Skye finds her faith and patience tested as she, Chad, and Morgan teach riding lessons to four special needs children, including Katie Thomas, who is blind. Upset about her parents' pending divorce, Katie is withdrawn and bitter at God and the world. With faith and friendship, Skye tries her best to show Katie that her parents - and God - will always love her, no matter what. But will Skye's efforts be good enough?

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book cover: blue ribbon champ


Skye's foster parents have opened up Keystone Stables to four special needs kids for the summer, and Skye will help to mentor them. However, Skye becomes annoyed with one of the students, Joey Klingerman, a friendly Down syndrome teen who takes a liking to Skye right away. She's both embarrassed and furious when he calls her his girlfriend, and she treats him harshly when others aren't around. But when Joey's horse comes up lame on the day of the horse show, Skye is faced with a big decision: will she continue to push him away or show him God's love?

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book cover: whispering hope


Dad Chambers bought a wild pinto mustang, Rebel, at the auction, and the horse seems to live up to his name. When Skye and Chad attempt to train Rebel, their horse-whispering techniques fail, and Skye feels like giving up. While Skye is focused on Rebel, a new foster girl, Wanda Stallord, moves into Keystone Stables, and she is determined to make life miserable for everyone. A gangbanger from the inner city, Wanda has chosen the lesser of two evils—to live at Keystone Stables for a year instead of being sent to a detention center. She is rebellious and constantly rejects Skye’s attempts to help her. Through prayer and tough love, Skye uses what’s she’s learned at Keystone to not only connect with Rebel, but also to share God’s love with Wanda and win her as a friend.

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book cover: long ride home


Skye is happy living at Keystone Stables with her foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chambers, but she often wonders what her mom and dad are like or if they’re even alive. Some of her questions are answered when, while on a trip to a horse competition in South Carolina with the Chambers and Morgan, Skye meets an aunt she never knew she had. Millie Nicholson Eister helps Skye begin her search for her parents, whom Skye has not seen since she was a toddler.

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book cover: so you've decided to homeschool

A guide to homeschooling for overwhelmed parents. A practical, welcome aid for overcomng initial anxiety over homeschool for your children, this detailed-but-readable look at getting started (and maintaining) with a workable plan is written by well-known homeschool consultant Marsha Hubler. With invaluable checklits for getting started, sample yearly calendars, and detailed items like student transcripts, field trip records, and web addresses, this true "survival guide" makes it easy and lays the groundwork for a winning experience.

This helpful book enables overwhelmed parents to see the big picture by helping tailor a curriculum for each child's specific needs and gives practical advice for working with homeschool evaluators, taking standardized tests, and injecting discipline necessary for academic success.

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book cover: draw me closer

Getting to know and trust someone takes time. It's also a give-and-take experience. When it comes to our relationship with God, He speaks to us through the Bible; we talk to Him through prayer. But prayer is not an easy discipline. You may have a husband and children. You may have a career outside your home in addition to your job at home. You may serve in your local church. You may be thinking, "There's no way I can develop my prayer life!" But there is! You can commune intimately and meaningfully with God! "How?" you groan. In her book DRAW ME CLOSER, LORD, Marsha Hubler shows the way.
Through this study, you will:

  • discover what God says about prayer,
  • learn to value prayer,
  • get practical help in finding time to pray,
  • find helpful ways to pray effectively for others.

So if you're ready to learn how to make prayer a vital part of your life, get your Bible, your pen, and empty journal, and DRAW ME CLOSER, LORD: A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO A MEANINGFUL PRAYER LIFE. Soon you'll be on your way!

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